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How does Stocksnippets work?

Too good to be true?

Yes, we know. Our offer might sound too good to be true. We are offering hundreds of images right now and probably over a thousand before we actually go live. At a flat rate price of 99 Euro a year. How is that possible?

Well, it is good. Our offer is very good. When you purchase images from a subscription agency you will most likely pay a much higher price to get access for a month. And you are only allowed a limited amount of images during that month. You might also find that you are not allowed to use the images once your subscription runs out. Not at StockSnippets: You can download all of our images for a full year and you may use all images as long and as often as you want.

So... What's the catch?

Easily answered: There is none. We are a small family with a great deal of talent. We have a professional photographer, a programmer, a talented artist, a project manager, a creative director, a business administrator, all among ourselves. Stocksnippets possesses and combines all of these talents and knowledge. That's why we can make this offer.

And yet it is a good deal for us. We are the artists. There is no one taking a cut from the payment you make. No agency is taking a slice of the cake. All of your money reaches the people who created the content you are using. As a creative person, you will know what we are talking about and appreciate why this makes things so much easier and cheaper.

So... what next?

Well, enjoy being here. Look around and see if you like it. If you do, place your order and download our content. Watch this space for what we add in the future. Make use of the snippets we provide for you to do what you can do best: Be it the next ad for your client, a website for your own business or just a greeting card for your family.

We will stick around to make this place even better. We hope you will stay with us for the journey.

Too good to be true?