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How does Stocksnippets work?

Referral program

We are convinced that our offer is the best you can find in the market if you regularly create designs and need some little details here and there. And we are also convinced that many of our visitors would agree and recommend us to their clients, friends and peers.

That is what we want to reward: If you go out there and spread the word about us, we want to say "Thank you". We would love to send you a cake for each client you send to us but for practical reasons we have decided to keep dealing with digital files only. But to stick with the analogy: With Stocksnippets you can share the cake and still eat it. You even get a piece extra.

So... How does it work?

We are a small business and we have a good overview of our business, users and clients. So we decided we don't need to include any fancy program which would have required you to do some extra steps before even starting to spread the word. Also, our goal is not to make you send out hundreds of emails to people you don't know. We want you to tell your friends and clients about us when it's appropriate, personal and direct.

So the easy way to get three months access to our library is just to tell the people around you about us and send us a short note if you did so. Once he signed up and paid for an annual package, we will grant your account three months of full access to our library as well.

If you already have a subscription, don't worry: We will just extend it by three months at the end of your term.

Referral Program