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Bye Bye Beta

When we opened our site to the public a few weeks ago, we found a little guy to be the appropriate mascot. We called him "Beta", we fed him, we nurtured him, we gave him all the love we had.

You helped us a lot by giving advice, tought him a lot and he learned. He made many small and some major changes in the process. One of them is the new homepage you can see right now.

And as it happens, those little guys grow up fast. Now it is time for him to leave and stand on his own feet. We are letting "Beta" go and wish him all the best.

What happens next?

Without the little guy, we also removed the "Beta" stickies from our site. We consider it to be mature and working now. The new homepage will show you more images, especially more recent content quicker. We hope it will also help you to find the content you are looking for.

We are planning to further develop and tune our site along the road, of course. There are some plans to improve the usability, especially once we grow our image library even further. For the time being, we hope you agree that it is easy enough to look through our library and find what you need within a few clicks. If you see room for improvement, we are always happy to hear your opinion, be it through a support ticket or on our Facebook page.

For the moment we are saying "Welcome to Stocksnippets 1.0". Have a glass of champaign and celebrate with us.

Bye bye Beta