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How does Stocksnippets work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StockSnippets and how does it work?

StockSnippets is mainly a service for designers, bloggers, companies in need of little pieces ("snippets") for their designs, website, products, magazines etc. We deliver pictures of objects, people, backgrounds and many more.

To use our services, you need to 1) Sign up, 2) Order and pay for a subscription, 3) download any content you want, anytime, anywhere, and use it for your designs as you like.

How much does your service cost?

We charge an annual net price of € 99* for full access to our ever growing library. After we receive your payment, you will be granted the right to download any of our images at any given size for 365 days. This includes all images you can find on our website right now plus all images that we are going to add during your subscription period.

How many images are you going to add?

We try to bring great new content live as often as we can and as quickly as we can. You might see hundreds of images added within a short period. We do this with passion and devotion.

However, we are a small team, we need some breaks to gather new creative energy every now and then. And sometimes we just go on vacation. So a few weeks might pass without much new content being added. But be assured, when we return, we will be reloaded with fresh energy to get back to work for you.

I need an image of ...? Do you have that?

Unfortunately, we can not provide services like an individual image search. We also can not provide any image that is not part of our library.

However, we do have a form to submit a wish list of things you did not find. We can't guarantee if and when we provide anything mentioned here but it certainly helps us to find out what your needs are to plan future content.

Can I do ... with your images?

If you have a paid subscription, you can use any of our images for almost any reasonable commercial or editorial use. Publish it in your magazine or on your blog, create any advertising with our images, cut them apart and change them as you like, combine them with other elements.

Obviously, we do have some restrictions: You can not share our images with someone else, this includes making them available for download; you may not share your account information with other people; also no pornographic, defamatory or illegal uses are allowed. See the full license text if needed.

I only need one image. Can I just buy that instead of paying for a subscription?

No. At this time, we are not able to facilitate single image downloads.

How long can I use your images?

You can use our images forever. The licenses granted are perpetual. Even if your subscription runs out and you decide not to renew it, any downloaded image can still be used in the future. All you can lose is access to download more images - and of course you will miss out on all the brilliant content we are going to add after you've left. Well, this is motivation for us to keep them coming, isn't it?

I downloaded an image and it has a flaw. Can I return it?

We do our best to provide all images in a good quality but we are humans. If we made a mistake, we would love to get your feedback to improve in the future. Depending on the problem we might even decide to fix it and provide you with a new version of the image but unfortunately we can not guarantee that. All images are provided on an "as is" (wysiwyg) basis, and we hope you find enough other content that is just perfect for your projects.

With a paid subscription you can download any other image anyway, so there is no point in returning an image. Please just trash it as you like. Don't forget to think about the environment: Recycle every pixel if you can.

I have a question. Can I call you?

No, sorry. We have a tight schedule for programming new features, shooting new content, uploading to and sorting our library, and filling out forms for the tax offices (yeah, we live in Germany).

Therefore, we are not able to provide phone support on a regular basis. However, you can contact us or send us an email with your questions to and leave a phone number. In case we find it easier to discuss your question on the phone, we will call you back.

I have lots of great content. Can I supply it to you?

No, sorry. At least at this stage, we are not able to handle the process involved in accepting content of others.

* Our service is aimed at commercial users only. The prices mentioned are net prices, taxes may be applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions